MingFeng Packaging’s Luxepack Shanghai 2016 Highlights

The Big Red Door:

“the big red door” is specially designed for the gift “ Beijing City Key” which president Xi JinPing sent to the leader of 21 economic during the 2014 APEC summit, the design conception originate from the style of door of the forbidden city, delivers a temperament of solemn and big power.

Luxurious box sets:

Various kinds of health food packaging box for your selection, the high glossy PU lacquer painted box used MDF as the main material, high end, gorgeous and outstanding. Printed paper box is well-designed, beautiful and cost effective.

Premium Win Gift Box Sets:

Various wine boxes are well-designed, the exterior finish is outstanding and deliver a luxurious taste , adding up to the value and taste of art . the box is basically made of real wood , MDF , leather etc. for exterior finish , we have piano lacquer, high glossy PU lacquer, metal sticker etc to make the box look more noble and elegant.

Watch Gift Box Sets:

Various watch box for world famous brand are uniquely designed, we chose the top quality material and apply the most sophisticated production technique. The unique taste and exceptional value of the watch can be displayed vividly.

Catherine Lai